Coming soon! New york!

Can you see fleamadonna on the list?

Finally We will particular to Capsule, Newyork.

It's first time to us!!!

So exciting!!!!

You can availble our 2012 SS new collection with Tshirt line.
I think we are only one korean brand in the exhibition. : )

2011/09/17 - 2011/09/19

centre 548, west 22nd st, newyork

See you there! x


Krystal f(x) / Loose stripe T-shirt

So Pretty girl! x

Carla Bruni - Those Dancing Days Are Gone

My favorite one.
When I drinking the wine in my room alone


최유화 / Mnet 20s choice award

fleamadonna의 Puff stripe dress를 착용하고 시상을 하였다는!!


참고로, 기장은 원래 저희 제품에서 조금 더 짧게 수선되었답니다. ^^