Zipper(Japan)_2011 June issue

Fleamadonna Mad tshirt, Skull mini skirt!!

Nylon(Korea)_June 2011 issue

Green Clutch

MAPS(Korea)_June 2011 issue

MAD tshirt (Black)!!!!!!

Unbalance Skirt(Gray)!!!!!!!!!

Vampire Ring!!!!!!
Mad Half Tshirt(Stripe)!!

MAPS(Korea)_June 2011 issue

The Idols!!!!!!

Purple Pants from flemadonna 2011 S/S

Luna in fleamadonna 2010-11 F/W Dot mini skirt

Hyo-sung(Secret) in fleamadonna 2011 S/S Volume mini skirt
Hyo-sung(Secret) in fleamadonna 2010-11 F/W Bubble mini dress
Luna(F(x)), Green shoes in fleamadonna archive


Product, Seoul

Untitled from Jongok jeon on Vimeo.

The shop, "Product," made video!!!
Pls check the video! x



Sistar19- Ma boy M/V

Bora wearing fleamadonna's S/S Triangle Bodysuit!

Hyo-rin wearing fleamadonna's Bubble dress in M/V

Actually I didn't know about Sister.. but I was hearing this song at My friend's car.

The song is really cool and the girls voice & song is so nice That's why I'm so happy!

You must try the wave dance! haha

Good night!


Special made for F(x)

We made special clothes for F(x)!!!!!!

It's not for sales, only for the girls.

so many ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ in F(x). haha

Lovely girls and Super stylist!!!!!