Aki & Matsubara ♡

We were so funny at dongdaemoon Market st, They are selling a lot of Fake chanel!!! So interesting, I'm living in seoul but It's my first time with Aki & Matsubara san! We drunk makkori a lot, And go to there!!

I'm so glad meet you guys,
I hope see you guys in seoul again!





Tomozo & Ryo

Jei & Galliano

Yeah! It was in tokyo! He is one of my favorite friend, DJ and also mens buyer at Cannabis!

So funny guy ne! :)

Happy Birthday!!! Galliano!!!!! xx

MAPS(Korea)_March 2011 issue

Jei's interview here!

FUDGE(Japan)_March 2011 issue

Mad Mad MAd long dress by fleamadonna

ONE(Japan)_March 2011 issue

The model wearing fleamadonna's peacoat

In Red(Japan)_March 2011 issue

05 Red/ White Border Tshirts by fleamadonna


Paloy & Cris sister !

Last 2 weeks ago, The Howang's sister came to seoul.

They are superstar in Bangkok! right? :)

Paloy is my friend, but I'm so fan of her song, "The diet pill!" ( I attached her M/V here. Please check it)

Lovely they was visit Jei's office!

And They got some stuff from fleamadonna!

I hope see you guys in Bkk very soon!
Thanks! sis! x


Roomslink, Tokyo


Please come to see fleamadonna and other korean designers brand there!


Nylon(Japan)_February 2011 issue

Skull lace skirt by fleamadonna (The black one)

Yeah, The issue was feature of korean fashion,

That page, Me and My lovely friend song yee's interview in there!!!!

(Click and Read it!)

Love, Nylon Japan!!!

JILLE(Korea)_February 2011 issue

Nylon(Korea)_February 2011 issue

Red dot shirt by Fleamadonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Orange Caramel - Bangkok city!

Here is 2011 S/S fleamadonna collection!

The girls is back to stage!

Bangkok city!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see fleamadonna's new collection at Music video!

Take a look, quit Pretty! x