wondergirls,and fleamadonna!

Wondergirls wear fleamadonna's S/S collection!
Thanks! wyelin !!



Fruit(Japan)_April 2010 issue

One day, My friend(she living in tokyo now) said,
"your skirt in fruit magazine!!"

So I bought it!
It's Ruri chan!!!! surprised!!
Last month, I went to tokyo, also met Ruri! She working on Cannabis lady's!
I think she is nice match with our brand!!!!
Always Thanks!!!

Gisele(Japan)_April 2010 issue

Gisele magazine introduce to fleamadonna's 2010 S/S collection.
You can see our Half tshirts & Stone tshirts.

Nylon(Japan)_April 2010 issue

Model wore fleamadonna's Blue Half tshirts!

Soen(Japan)_April 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's Black Hole leggings.

Vogue(Japan)_April 2010 issue

Model wore fleamadonna's stone leggings.



He was really tired...


izakaya with bada

Sometime, I have to go "Moontaro" in itaewon!
I really like "Taco wasabi", Japanese style "Agedashitohu"
From Bada's iphone


What's happen?

We went to Costco for buy something.!!!
It's so funny!!!!!
We are not crazy!!
Anyway Today, We have 2010A/W presentation with new showroom opening party!
Start from 6pm!
Please come on !!


wedding soon


I have been to wedding dress shop.
I never been there. It's my first time.
I was very nervous... It's not for my wedding, But I really interested about that.
They have Oscar de la renta, Amsale, Vera wang....
Oh, My, God, Everything is perfectly gorgeous!!!
I don't want marriage, really.
But ... It's so beautiful and fucking gorgeous.

Congratulation Sis!!!
Also Thank you so much for bring to me!!

My love Is your love

Just I'm at my room. nothing to do.
love this song..


fleamadonna party @ cannabis, Tokyo

わたしは JEI です!!
さいーきん、わたしは にほんごを べんきょします。
ひらがなの Ok! かたかなは not yet...!!!
Hahahaha (↑ What i say?) please give me more time!!

Anyway, Last month, We had fleamadonna party at cannabis!

★Shoko, Me, Euan, Mayo, Ruri, Ayaya (Before party)
They wore fleamadonna clothes!!

Cannabis Lady's in middle of cat st, Harajuku.
Also They have fleamadonna & many brands!
My favorite's
Ksubi, Something else, jeremy scott, karen walker,,
If you visiting to tokyo,
Must checking some good thing in cannabis!!

one day, Cannabis lady's changed fleamadonna of all!
In party, We had 2010 A/W collection personal order & showing our Archive, too!
They was prepared very good display & some food, drink, too!!
It's yummy!!!

Many people came to our party!! It's surprise to me!
Before, I was really nervous...doesn't sleep in hotel.
Bcoz, It's not my ground, Also I can't speak japanese...
In my mind, "Somebody comming? "
But Every staff support and take care of me!

ありがとうございます !!

★ Ruri, Jei

★ Jei + Jets

★ Euan + Galliano + Ryo + Jets

★ Me + Mikio sakabe

Thanks for coming.
I got super energy from this time!!
I really appreciate it!!!!
So much fun!!!
And Thanks for good pic (ruri's boyfriend ^^)
Miki & Mikio sakabe さん!! written about our party in blog!!
Please check it!
Mikio Sakabe
Cannabis lady's


W(Korea)_April 2010 issue

Few month ago, I made top & leggings for W mag.
I love it!

W(Korea)_April 2010 issue

Don't touch my bag!!

Elle(Korea)_April 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's Fringe bodysuit & stone leggings for elle korea.
Her name is Dambi-son.
She is really famous singer in korea.
One of my favorite diva's in korea!!

Elle(Korea)_April 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's hole leggings!

Look so nice!


Dazed&Confused(Korea)_April 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's twist dress.

Instyle(Korea)_April 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's Unbalance skirt.
She is Bit-na wang, Actress.

Maps(Korea)_April 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's Hole leggings!

Beas up(Japan)_March 2010 issue

She wore fleamadonna's stone leggings.