I'm in tokyo!!


I'm in tokyo with euan!!

Everything is going on!!

Just ... confusing ... but I will try to everything!!!

Tomorrow is first day of Roomslink exhibition!!

So... we're display our booth today!

Please come to our exhibition!!!!!

23rd - 25th, March

*roppongi hills academy hills 40F, "Roomslink", tokyo, Japan


fleamadonna party in CANNABIS, tokyo!


Please check this out!!!

프리마돈나 새 시즌 상품을 들고 도쿄로 !!
제 일정 중에서 26일 금요일 저녁,
현재 프리마돈나를 도쿄에서 판매중인 카나비스에서
프리마돈나 파티를 합니다!!!
(여러모로 도와 주시는 일본측 관계자 여러분께 감사를!! a-ri-ga-to-go-ja-i-mass!!)
저도 물론 참여하고, 저희 첫 시즌 ... 부터 새로운 2010 F/W 새 시즌 까지 전시, 오더하는 자리입니다!!!
도쿄에 계신다면 꼭 와주세요!!
기대되고 흥분되는...
과연 뭘 입을 까요 ? 하하

tokyo trip! soon!!

Jei going to tokyo!! soon!



short trip to Busan!

Yeah.. Around... 1 month ago,
I went to Busan!
Busan is 2nd city of Korea!
Really nice sea & big vintage market in there.
It's very near the my hometown. so I went meet to my mom& dad in Geoje island on korea new year day, and after go there!
Geoje to Busan, take a ship!! It's around 1 hour.

I really love to see vintage clothes !!!
Also really big market! start from 1,000won ~
Actually I don't like find more detail, but just seeing that!
love it!
I think, Busan is very near the japan.
So many item from japan.

After shopping, I met to min-chul bro in Busan!!!
He was dinner with me, It's very spice india curry!!!
Wow ... In the toilet is too dangerous, I think. but it's so funny...
Next time i try to taking pic..!!

So!!!! I slept at my friends home of 1 night.
They are my high school friends, really best friends from geoje!!
Love (his name), Da young, And Mango!!!!!!
Well,,, I don't have pic of them. But I really thanks to them!!!
Also they show me the sea, and after day they bring to Busan train station!!!!
I taken KTX to seoul! It's 3 hour to seoul... very fast!
Anyway I have to really enjoy in Busan!
Thanks for you guys!!!



I moved my place.
It's very strange... I am a broken sleep,,,
If I get in dream, Every time met the one guy.
And I try to dont eat fast food & snack,.
Only drink some tea and coffee...
So Im smoke heavily...............-_-

I listen to Destiny's child album.
It's so nice...

Usually I liked something, I always only use that one. everyday, everytime
I mean music, clothes, food,,,,,,

Euan likes this song!!
cheer up! bro!!!!!
this song only for Euan!!!!


tom-yam-goong noodle

this is from thai!!!!
last time pum bought for me!!!!
i like it!!!


Bling night fleamarket!

Yes, I went to flea market last Saturday night! It's starting from 8 pm until 12pm!

It's my first time joined flea market with yun jeong sis!

Whoa there, you can smoke, drink, everything! I love it.


we are stayed 3floor,

She's so hot! A lot of people for her (someone 'You are my hero!!'), taken a pic!! She is famous artist! haha!! I proud of her!!

Also I have a little stock near yunjeong.. omg!! I can get 400,000 won per 3hour!!!
Thank you!

In addition, no sub, Mika, Ina sis selling at 1st floor!

I'm happy to see them!

Wow, this is a very tired ... But I want to try next time!




I went to my friend bada's sister wedding.
Oh my god,, I was very late.... (I'm so sorry)
Anyway he wears very nice fit suit!!
It's made from gun hyo bro//
Bada was introduced his father to me.
He asked to us,
"Is she your girl friend?"
We said,
"Oh,No!!!!!! We're just friend!!"

Anyway, bada's face is big..
I never seen bigger than bada...
hahahaha ! sorry, bitch!!!!!! hate you!!love you!!!


J is come out!

When i young student, around... 14 or 15 years old.
I really like her song & voice...
After 10years, she wears my collection on her's new album!
Is it true?..haha
Sometimes, I'm think of the past.
wow very country girl!!!



When i went to tokyo, I bought it at muji. But i forget it. OMG! It's limit on april 2010!! So I try first time. yeah. I like tea. I really like flower tea. so nice. love it!


young boy! & old boy!

so!!so!!!! super kawaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!
이렇게 귀여울 때도 있었는데...
벌써 어른이 된 알렉스....

crystal kay - Kiss

I like so much!!
I don't speak japanese... but!!
I can singing her song!!!!