my lovely friends from bkk!

u know? thai dont have snow...
few weeks ago, my lovely friends Pum and donnie, pet, toni came to seoooooullll!!

I got surprise present from PUM!!

Vintage rabbit fur bootie with some food!

Lovely Lovely!


Respect!!My sis!x

It's my lovely friends,EE's christmas song.

Yeah, christmas is comming!

The background is fleamadonna showroom now!
They're stay at london now. That's why i miss you so much!


언니 생일 축하해요!! 보고싶어요!

Nylon(Korea)_December 2010 issue

1. black leather jacket
2. Dot denim pants
2 item from fleamadonna F/W 2010 collection

Nylon(Korea)_December 2010 issue

It was so funny!
Thanks serian!

Ceci(Korea)_December 2010 issue

1. stripe madonna tshirts
2. Dot mini skirt
3. Red dot tshirts
3 items from fleamadonna F/W 2010 collection

Dazed&Confused(Korea)_December 2010 issue

Universe print skirt, Fleamadonna F/W collection

FUDGE Hair style book (Japan)_December 2010 issue

Stripe dress, fleamadonna F/W collection

Vogue(Korea)_December 2010 issue

Who is she?
so shocking of picture.
Yes.. It's me. (Jei )

Ellegirl(Korea)_December 2010 issue

Jei comment : I made those padding muffler for Ellegirl !

Voguegirl(Korea)_December 2010 issue

1.Mouse ear bootie
2.Fringe white tshirts

All item from fleamadonna 2010 F/W collection
Jei comment : I think, he is really x 100 skinny.so he can wearing fleamadonna's collection

Hanako(Japan)_December 2010 issue

Pearl necklace dot tshirts, Fleamadonna 2010 F/W collection

GQ(Korea)_December 2010 issue

Black Leather skirt, Fleamadonna F/W collection



I wanna introduce to you guys, new knit brand "ALLEGE"
It's really first time showing other brand in fleamadonna blog. :)
It's my good brother, Ryo's new knit label.
Also He has his own brand, "SLACK".
I like so simply edge clothes. like pictures.
It's start from 2011 S/S, Origin from Japan brand.
I hope available allege in seoul, soon!
When I have more information, I will upload, soon!


"Today" News paper from Singapore

fleamadonna's knit puff tshirts and Black unbalance skirt By Actually, singapore.

Girls generation, Golden disk awards

↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

In girls generation, Soo young & Hyo yeon wearing fleamadonna's F/W collection.

Soo young wearing Leather jacket, and Hyo yeon wearing black stone sleeveless.


Life store at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Just I cropped some pic of life's F/W lookbook.
You can see some fleamadonna's pic and lovely univers scarf!
It's very cool shop at Jeddah, Saudi arabia.
All the season I met buyer, Reem and Yasmeen.
They are so stylish and cool, too.
We have to working together since 2010 S/S collection.
http://www.life.com.sa/newsite/FRAMESET.htmlyou can see many info about Life, Here! ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑